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In the summer of 2015 I began to illustrate again after a long break. I had just become a mother for the first time and this gave me a lot of new inspiration. I began to draw again every evening and quickly found the style I work in now. I discovered my love for mixing different patterns and began to experiment with collage, ink and fineliners and my collection of personal work grew more and more. 

When Blurb invited me to collaborate with them and create my own book, I knew that I wanted to make a book filled with my personal work and photos of my process of making these illustrations, from the summer of 2015 until now. Because I finish my illustrations digitally, all my final illustrations were in my computer and I could never look through my past work in a comfortable way, so I thought it would be great to have my illustrations bound together in a beautiful book! 
In case you’re not familiar, Blurb is a creative platform where you can self-publish your own books, magazines and e-books and also sell your creations through their Blurb Bookstore. I’ve thought about creating my own book with Blurb before as I’ve heard very good things about their services, and I thought it would be a lot harder but it turned out to be very easy! 
I used one of Blurb’s free book-making tools BookWright, where you can upload your photos really easy and place them in your book with the use of their layouts. There are a lot of different layouts you can choose from, which makes realizing your idea for the design of the book so easy! I choose the Large Square (12 x 12 inch ) with an ImageWrap cover and used several different layouts for different sections in my book. BookWright worked perfectly for me, but you can also use Blurb’s Adobe InDesign plug-in or Lightroom integration if you prefer to work in these programs and this way you can have even more creative control over your book making process. 

I feel so happy to look through the work and process I’ve had in the last two years! To see your work bound together in a beautiful book is so much different than browsing through your illustrations on your computer. To have a physical object that I can look through and show to others, feels really special. 

When I received the book (only one week after my order, shipped from the US to Europe!) I was so surprised with the high quality of the cover and the paper. I choose ProLine uncoated paper and the quality was even higher than I expected. The paper is thick, matte and a little textured, which makes it feel like high-end drawing paper. The ImageWrap cover feels really smooth and also has a beautiful matte finish. The colours of the prints are perfect, exactly the same as in the photos I uploaded. So it represents my illustrations beautifully! 

My book is filled with everyday moments, from not knowing what to wear in the morning to setting the table for dinner. I’ve drawn especially a lot of women and scenes from motherhood the last two years and I can't wait to see what my next book of illustrations will look like, because I will definitely be making a book of personal works again next year! 

Do you have a project that you have always wanted to publish in a book?

This post was sponsored by Blurb but all opinions are my own.